Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Sound Journey with Darren Austin Hall & Jesse Buck - July 5th 2017

by Jesse Buck

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"The Mayan and Mexica religions believed cacao had divine origins. According to Mayan legend, after humans were created by the goddess Xmucane, the God Sovereign Plumed Serpent gave cacao to the Maya."

Cacao is the medicine for the shift: it opens the Heart energetically, inspires bliss, relieves emotional stress and is a natural mood elevator. Cacao is afterall the essence of chocolate, one of the most euphoric substances on the planet! When we use Cacao ceremonially, we invoke its spirit often known as Ixcacao to emerge in our being and help heal us from what holds us back from our divine nature. We shall be drinking some of the highest grade Cacao in the world, directly sourced from Guatemala.

After drinking the Cacao in a sacred context, we shall enter into an epic Sound Journey with Crystal Singing Bowls & Shamanic Singing. The Crystal Bowls are some of the most advanced and powerful sound healing tools on the planet. They emit incredibly harmonic frequencies that help to align the energy in our being, put our brain waves into Alpha state (light meditation) and because our bones and blood cells are crystalline in structure, there's a natural resonance with our body. In Chinese Medicine, it is said that our 'Shen' or Soul is an ethereal body that is magnetized to the body via the blood so truly as the Crystal Bowls vibrate our blood and deeper tissues, the frequencies are working on our soul. We will also be working with Alchemy Crystal Bowls, profound fusions of Quartz with other precious metals and gemstones, such as Copper, Gold & Moldavite which emit magnificently high and healing frequencies. I will also be sharing my channeled, shamanic singing, bringing forth source-songs from the mystical worlds beyond to soundtrack our deep journey and amplify the tuning of our souls back into harmony and bliss. This is a gift I've had since I was a child and I'm blessed to be sharing it with the greater world and carry on this tradition of the sacred musician where music truly becomes an art of spiritual channeling.

Darren & Jesse shall guide us through meditations and chanting to awaken the power of the Heart which is so activated by the Cacao as well as some shaking and other vitalizing and playful exercises. I shall also be joined by a special musical guest to be announced soon! Stay attuned! With all of these elements converging, this will truly be a one-of-a-kind experience. Bliss awaits, wondrous ones!


released December 16, 2017


all rights reserved



Jesse Buck Toronto, Ontario

I use Crystal Singing Bowls tuned the frequency of 432hz, as well as other instruments to channel sacred sound to help harmonize all aspects of the etheric, subtle energy and physical body to a vibration we like to call health.

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